For advertising on Google Play, firstly one must create a Google Ads Account, through which advertisers can get their ads clicked by different users or to make the advertisements appear in Google’s search results or on Google Play and on various applications as well. And for these clickable advertisements, advertisers have to pay to Google.

Google Ads Billing Virtual Card
Google Ads Billing Virtual Card

How to Verify Google Ads account with Virtual Card? Are you looking for this too?

When you open a Google Ads account, Google asks for account verification in which you are supposed to link your Debit, Credit or Virtual Card to your Google AdWords /Google Ads Account.

Many cards do not support the verification process and are not in compliance with Google policies. And if Google finds out any malicious activity from your end, it suspends your account. Therefore, there are high chances of getting your account blocked by Google.

Google also allows only one account and the use of one card per user. And if the same card is used by any user for the verification and payment procedure of different Google Ads accounts, Google tracks the card details and account information and immediately suspends and blocks all your accounts permanently. 

If your account is suspended, you can never use that particular card for any payment for Google Ads Account in the future.

But our Virtual Cards are a permanent solution to all these problems. Our Website provides 100 Percent Unique Virtual Visa and Master Cards, which support each and every policy of Google and is valid for further verification and payment process of Google Ads Account.



These cards work for the account in USD currency only. So when you want to use our Cards, then you must use a VPN and select your Country as the US while registering for the Google Ads account. Our Virtual Cards support every Name, Address, and IP Address.

You can order multiple cards from our Website and make your payment and verification easily for your multiple Google Ads account without any problem. As Google will not be able to track you. When you order our cards in bulk, you get special discounts. For the first 50 customers, we also give a balance of 10 US Dollars absolutely free in the card.

We deliver your 16 digit number Virtual Card along with expiry date and CVV. We deliver the card on your email address within 48 hours after the payment. We also share the billing address for the successful verification of our Virtual cards.



Go avail your Virtual Cards now and enjoy uninterrupted advertising on google. Earn more and more each day!!

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