Entropay no longer works, what to do now??

Entropay was the largest online platform that provided its users with Virtual Credit Cards. Since they stopped producing Virtual cards, people are in great confusion and keep on looking for various reliable websites for getting Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards. As many of you have to do online transactions but do not possess any Credit card, some are looking for having access to multiple Google Play Developer Accounts, few people are waiting to verify their PayPal or eBay. Many youngsters are longing for a cheap Virtual Credit card for Netflix & Hulu trial, Amazon Prime. 


What is Virtual Credit Card and are they safe to use?

Virtual Credit Cards are an exact replica of the normal Credit Card. It comes with 16 digits Card Number, CVV, Expiry. It supports any name so there is no name of the account holder, which means they are completely anonymous. 

Virtual Credit Cards are the safest mode of Payment, which 100% saves you from online frauds and as these cards are disposable and mostly used for one time, there is no risk. 

At the same time when you do online shopping with your Physical Debit or Credit Card, there’s always a huge risk of getting your personal information as well as Card details leaked. That is the reason people are willing to buy Virtual Credit Cards these days and that too in a huge number.

Why you should choose GetVirtualCard as a perfect alternative for Entropay?

Our Website getvirtualcard.com is an apt alternative for Entropay. We provide you Virtual Credit Cards with some amazing features and authenticity just as Entropay –

  • 100% unique  anonymous cards, supports every Name, Surname,  Address, IP, Country and both Visa, as well as Master Cards, are available
  • Simply buy the card, without revealing any of your personal information
  • Super fast delivery option – You receive your card on your email address
  • Easy  Payment mode like using Bitcoin, Skrill, PayPal
  • If at all, a card doesn’t work, which is a very rare thing to happen, we replace the card in justifiable situations.
  • We have 24 hours of Live Chat Support, Our team of experts at GetVirtualCard are always to help you and solve your queries.
  • We also provide special discounts on bulk orders and regular customers
Virtual Credit Card

We deal in a variety of cards like Google Ads Billing Virtual Card, Google Play Developer Purchase Card, Chrome Developer Virtual Card, Apple Developer Virtual Card, eBay Verification, Paypal Verification Card, Google Play Apps Purchase Card, Facebook Ads Billing Card, Hulu Trial Activation, Netflix Trial Activation, Amazon Prime Trial Activation.

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Virtual Credit Cards – EntroPay Alternative

Buy our Virtual Credit Cards and trust us, because you are not going to regret it, as our website GetVirtualCard is the largest growing platform and it is undoubtedly an amazing and reliable alternative for Entropay.  Please read the reviews of our verified buyers as well as working partners. We wish you an exciting roller coaster ride of this Virtual Reality with our Virtual Credit Cards.

Purchase it from Here: Instant Virtual Credit Cards

Note: The Cards cannot be used for Gambling

Enjoy your Virtual Happiness with GetVirtualCard

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