What is Smite?

Smite is a 3D fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where players take on the role of mythological gods and battle in team-based arenas. It is developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios.

There are currently over 70+ playable Gods inspired by various mythologies around the world including Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, Norse, and Roman.

The basic goal in most of Smite’s game modes doesn’t stray far from the MOBA formula. Two teams battle their way through waves of NPC minions and towers with the ultimate objective of destroying the opposing faction’s main building, in this case, a Titan. Players enter a queue for a game type and are then put on a team.

Once on a team, players select from one of the 50-plus deities, each of which has defined roles and skills. Smite’s free-to-play game, refreshingly streamlined.

There are no rune pages or masteries, nothing to spend money on that affects gameplay balance. Real money and in-game currency are only used to buy new gods, skins, and voice packs. 

Game Modes:

  • Conquest – the main 5v5 game mode. It features three lanes and a jungle area filled with neutral monsters.
  • Arena – a 5v5 game mode with an open battle area rather than lanes. Each team begins with 500 points and must reduce the other side’s to zero by killing heroes, minions, and escorting allied minions to portals.
  • Joust – a 3v3 game mode with a single lane which otherwise plays like Conquest mode. Joust can also be played 1v1.
  • Assault – similar to ARAM (All Random, All Mid) in LoL, players are assigned a random God and fight on a map with a single lane.

Problems of Smite Server Down Status?

The main issue occurs when there is Smite server maintenance. Problems include Can’t log in, got kicked out of the game, updating issue, which could take the game totally offline or sometimes only leaving players frustrated with glitches when trying to play. Some players stuck with “SMITE IS WAITING FOR PATCHER UPDATE” message on their screen.

Smite Windows and now Xbox One problems do occur, seems like playing the mythological god or any other figure is blissful when all up and running like clockwork. Some Players encounter “Error occurred while retrieving data. Please try again later”, on their screen.

After the recent update, the Smite launcher seems to have reset the “Use 64-bit client” option. For some users, this has caused freezing and crashing issues.

Reasons for the Smite Down Server Status

  • Maintenance of the Server: As stated earlier, the Smite server can be down because of the maintenance of the game server. Maintenance of the Server includes Platform, plug-in, software updates, Interactive features, and Theme updates.
  • Old Version: Another reason is the older version of the game. It is recommended to update your Smite game for the proper and smooth playing.
  • Internet Breakdown: The internet outage can be the reason behind the Smite Down Server. The Internet can be breakdown due to Operation error, Network Congestion, Speed fluctuation from Internet providers, and other factors.

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