The craze of movies is increasing rapidly. People likely tend to watch a lot more movies than ever before, thanks to online platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay anymore and want the same great experience of watching films online like Netflix or other paid services. Then this article is for you, in this article you’ll get to know about Primewire, a video streaming website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online for free.


Though being an amazing website, Primewire is a piracy website that usually shares illegal links and unauthorized content. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll also tell you about the best legal ways from where you can watch or download movies and TV shows for free.

About Primewire

Primewire is one of the popular streaming websites that allows users to browse and watch a whopping collection of online media including movies and TV shows. The very first thing you’ll notice as soon as you visit this website, that it has a very user-friendly interface that makes navigation within the website so easy. Also, you can easily find a movie or TV show of your choice in just a single click. This website offers a wide range of genres to choose from such as drama, action, romance, family, adventure and much more.

Moreover, Primewire has a whopping collection of movies in its catalog offering in different languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Dubbed Movies, etc. Users will find the content by default in 1080p but they can switch to 360p and 720p as well. This website has a great user base of about millions of monthly visitors.

However, we cannot deny that Primewire is an amazing website for streaming movies and TV shows for free. But we also cannot deny the fact that it is not a legitimate website. Such websites have banned in India and other countries as well. Still, it shares illegal content through different domains. Such as,,,,, Also through Primewire.south,,

Why you should avoid Primewire to watch movies?

First thing’s first, as mentioned above this website is an amazing free source for watching movies or TV shows. But as we know this it is a pirated website. Pirated websites are considered as insecure and unsafe as well. These websites display third party ads, these ads contain malware and unwanted files that can steal your private information and also can even harm your device.

Furthermore, because of its abnormal behavior, the usage of this website is strictly restricted in India. Accessing such websites is an offense and perhaps it can even cost you a lot more then you think. So stay away from such websites and use legal ways instead, for streaming movies.

How you can download movies legally?

If you want to remain safe and experience the world-class content, you should use legal platforms for streaming and downloading of movies and TV shows. Some of the best online platforms are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Some of them are subscription-based services, they allow users to pay a fixed amount of monthly subscription charges to access the content. These platforms are legitimate and offer a massive variety of online content.

All the options mentioned above are legal and share copyrighted content. Therefore, you can use these sites to access a large variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and web series. You can access these platforms across different devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets with ease.

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Two famous sites to download movies and shows.

Netflix the world’s largest streaming entertainment service provider. It has a massive collection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. Netflix offers unlimited ad-free content to watch and download.

Moreover, the platform has a whopping number of the user base of 167 million paid memberships in more than 190 countries globally. It offers monthly membership plans to the users. Each plan comes with different offerings and limitations.

Check Netflix.

Hulu is also one of the leading premium streaming services. It is owned by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast. The company offers live and on-demand TV and movies. Hulu is the only service that provides user instant access to current shows from every major U.S. broadcast network. You barely have to wait for a week or sometimes just for a day to watch episodes of popular broadcast TV series after their release. Moreover, Hulu can also be a great choice for paid subscription services.

Check Hulu.

Some Movies and TV Series suggestion to watch

Birds of prey
A Hidden Life
Little Women
Spenser Confidential
MayDay S20
Ridiculousness S16
Shahs of Sunset S8

Wrap up

Primewire is surely an amazing and easy to use website that offers users a massive collection of movies for free. Though, we cannot deny the fact that it is a pirated website and there is a strict restriction on accessing it. Pirated websites are not secure and safe as well. It can harm your device and can steal your private information present on your device. Hence, we should not promote such websites while using them.

This article does not promote the use of any illegal platforms. We strongly recommend using safe, secure and legal ways for streaming or downloading movies.


We do not provide any sort of video downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your device and is violating Indian laws already.

Say No to Piracy.

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