About Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a 3D action RPG inspired by classic ARPGs of the past. The Path of Exile is a highly complex game with unique currency systems and character progression. 

Path of Exile is a gritty action RPG made for gamers by gamers looking to bring back the depth and competitive nature of the genre. The game pulls no punches – the complexity of the passive skill tree alone will send players scrambling for a guide within minutes of creating their characters.

But gamers willing to put in the time to learn Path of Exile’s Byzantine systems of currency orbs, skill gems. Also, the linked equipment will be rewarded with an action RPG with limitless potential for customization.

Key Features

  • Customize Your Skills and Items – There are plenty of options for you to customize your character to your playstyle via the large skill webs and item socketing system.
  • No Money Needed – Cash shop is available, but no money is necessary to dominate the game.
  • Play It Again and Again – High replay value in different game modes, difficulty levels, and more.
  • Great Balance of PvE and PvP – Get the best of both worlds in Path of Exile, where certain areas are designated as PvE and others as PvP.


  • A high degree of skill and item customization
  • Dark fantasy setting
  • Casual, competitive, and hardcore leagues
  • The cash shop doesn’t offer gameplay advantages.


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Steep learning curved
  • Dated graphics and user interface style.

Path of Exile Down Server Status Problems

Most of the Players faced some problems in the Path of Exile. This game doesn’t come without its problems and most of the time it’s the Path of Exile Server Status maintenance that brings more downtime than any other.

Some players reported Crashing issues, can’t log in, and kicking back to town. Other players just get only a loading screen on the platform.

Reasons for the Path of Exile Down Server

  • Old Version: The main reason is the older version of the game. It is recommended to update your Path of Exile game for the proper and smooth playing.
  • Hosting Down: This can be the reason for the down Server of the Path of Exile. The main causes for the Hosting Down can be due to power supply failures, malware/external attacks, hardware & software problems.
  • Internet Breakdown: The internet outage can be the reason behind the Path of Exile Down Server. The Internet can be breakdown due to Operation error, Network Congestion, Speed fluctuation from Internet providers, and other factors.

If you are also experiencing any of the above problems, you can visit here.

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