OneCard Review

By | February 23, 2021

There are different kinds of credit cards available in market. There are free beginner cards and paid super premium cards provided by different banks. But what if you got a mix of beginner and premium card for free? That’s OneCard! OneCard provides a metal credit card which comes with a combination of these two types. Here is everything you need to know about the OneCard.


What is OneCard

This is an entry level credit card introduced by FPL-Technologies that works on IDFC First platform in co-brand with Visa. The services provided by the card is so basic, like every other beginner card but the only difference it has is its design. The design provided for the card is like other premium supreme cards. They provide metal card like big credit card providers.

It’s a kind of hyped product, but you can go for it if you want a basic credit card but with premium looking factor. Or in other ways you can go for this card if you are into showoff things.


Fees & Charges

Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeNil
Markup Fee1%+GST
Interest Rate2.5%

As you see, its ideally a lifetime free credit card without any joining or renewal fee. That’s good given that its coming in metal variant.

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Reward Rate

Regular Rewards1 RP/ Rs.50
Accelerated Rewards5X RP on top 2 categories
Point Value10 Ps to Rs.1
Regular Reward rate0.2% to 2%
Accelerated Reward rate1% to 10%

The reward rate varies between 0.1% to 1%. And you get 5X then your reward rate could be anywhere between 1% to 10%.


OneCard Benefits

  • Form Factor: Metal Card
  • Visa Signature Privileges (lounge privileges not confirmed yet)
  • Points are issued INSTANTLY
  • Points that never expire
  • Fractional reward points

OneCard is currently available in 15 cities including Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & Delhi. Other cities maybe added soon.

Bottom Line

As we know it is a beginner card with some fancy design. But it has low reward rate of about 0.2% on regular rate. Yet, 5X on top 2 categories is a very good option if you can make use of it. It is in its beta phase only, we are assuming that the services will get better day by day.

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Is OneScore app and website safe?

Completely. Safeguarding your sensitive information is of the highest importance for them. They use bank-level security practices. We do not share any data with any external vendors. We are ISO2007:1 certified, ensuring that our data centers are at par with industry standards.

Is OneScore app really free and will it remain so for life?

Absolutely. In fact the usage of their app and its services is free and will continue to remain so. No trial period, no ads, no spam calls/emails.

Will my score decrease if I pull it too frequently?

No. Your score will not be impacted as this is for your personal use and knowledge. It is known as soft enquiry and does not affect your score.

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