Movies are the source of entertainment for all ages of people. Everyone loves streaming movies. There are people who can afford to watch and then there are others who cannot. 


If you are one of the above-mentioned people then this article is for you. To know more about the interesting options to stream like ‘LetMeWatchThis’ your favorite pick online. Just stay tuned till the end. 

About LetMeWatchThis

LetMeWatchThis is the website that offers free online movie streaming platform. It is famous among people who love streaming videos and movies, and Tv shows and so on. The site shares non-copyrighted content and illegal to use.  

On its website, you can stream all the latest and old Hollywood movies and Tv shows for free. It has a simple interface categorizing movies by year, genre, and Tv shows by seasons and episodes. The site also uploads featured movies, top IMDb suggestion, trending, and top-rated movies. It has movie collection from every classification of films like comedy, action, animation, documentary, history, fantasy, etc. Or you can watch thriller, horror, mystery, romantic, crime and else. Movies are available in various different formats to enjoy streaming. Moreover, it is a hub of Hollywood movies and Tv shows and series. 

LetMeWatchThis is undoubtedly an amazing option to stream movies and shows for free. But it is also true that it is a public torrent website. Because of the copyright, there are restrictions on its usage in some countries along with India. Therefore, it operates its online availability through different domains. Like Letmewatchthis. Fun, Letmewatchthis. fyi, letmewatchthis123 .com.

Why you should avoid LetMeWatchThis ’s usage?

We all now know that LetMeWatchThis is a non-licensed website. It allows users to download movies through direct links that are illegal. It focuses on pirated content and uploads illegal links to download. Another disturbing thing is that along with illegal download links it has ads that contain corrupted files and malware. These files can definitely damage your device for further use. 

Secondly, because of its piracy content, the Indian government has restricted its usage in India. Therefore, I would suggest staying away from this website until you are aware of piracy and its effect. It is good to download and enjoy movies without breaking laws and concerning the restrictions. Further, I will mention some legal platforms that can be used as secure alternatives to LetMeWatchThis. 

What are some legal options?

We all love watching movies or any other entertainment content. And when it is available free of cost, we barely care about the unwanted consequences. But it is better to use things that are legal and secure as well. The following legal options namely Netflix, Open Culture, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and many others. All of the just mentioned sites provide legal and copyrighted and definitely secure to use. Below are the most famous sites to download and stream movies for free as well as paid content.

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Three legal way to stream movies and shows

Amazon Prime Video is a rival to Netflix and ranks second in the list of video streaming platforms in India. It is a much cheaper option compare to Netflix where the basic plan starts at the lowest cost of Rs 500. Whereas Amazon Prime Video offers a monthly subscription at only Rs.129. And a yearly subscription at the cost of Rs.999 along with free Amazon Prime deliveries on Amazon account.

Talking about movies and shows, well it holds a strong collection of Hindi and English Tv shows and movies. Along with awesome storage of Bollywood and other Indian language movies. Name it Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil or else. It also produces home-grown content too. Such as The Man from High Castle, One Mississippi, Fleabag and others. 

You can stream shows such as Suits, The Mindy Project, Young Sheldon, and many more.

Check Amazon Prime Video 

Hulu is another amazing subscription-based site that allows you to watch various movies. Otherwise, if you opt for free content then it is also available on the website. But you may get access to only limited content. You can stream more than 100 free movies and tv shows as well. More than this it also has apps for android and ios. Though it is not available in all countries. Even though it is one of the best legal options to stream and watch movies and Tv shows.

Check Hulu.

Open Culture is one such website that offers multi-sections to choose from. Other than movies and shows, it has various online courses, language lessons, textbooks, audiobooks, and e-books. Currently, it offers nearly 1500 movies for free. 

Check Open Culture.

Some movies and series to stream and enjoy (Use Legal Platforms Only)

Messiah (IMDB: 7.7), A Fall from Grace, Underwater, Bad Boys For Life, the Hedgehog, The Rhythm Section, Emma.   


It is absolutely clear that LetMeWatchThis offers the best latest Hollywood movies. Also other amazing series, and popular TV shows. All for free of cost. But we should understand that it is a piracy website and piracy is a crime. We should not promote this while using it. As it is already violating our government law and restrictions.

I, therefore, suggest using legal options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu and other such official websites. Whether you want to download or stream every time say NO to piracy and use official options to keep yourself and your device safe.


We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already. 

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