Watching cartoons is something of which we never get bored. It is something that we all have done in our childhood. As the usage of the internet is growing faster so as the number of cartoons and its various categories day by day. Would not it be amazing if you get all your favorite cartoons on your fingertips? Exciting right. In this article, I am presenting you KimCartoon one of the dozens of websites from where you can watch your favorite cartoons. The best part about this website is that all of this is available free of cost.  


Although, before going further I must tell you that it is a piracy website. But relax at last I will tell you some legal websites that are alternatives to this site. Hence, these share authorized content to watch. So lets quickly move on to know more about KimCartoon and its legal alternatives. 

About KimCartoon

KimCartoon allows you to watch the latest episodes of trending cartoons and cartoon movies as well. The website is completely free of cost to use. Moreover, it has a simple layout and an easy interface. As the content list is well-categorized according to year wise, famous genres, and top-rated cartoons. 

On its website, you will see that it also features manga with an amazing collection. KimCartoon offers various classifications of genres such as action, fantasy, family, sci-fi, comedy, drama, etc. you can watch the latest cartoon episodes and previously uploaded episodes in high quality. The website also has a huge collection of cartoon movies that you can watch in various video formats. The best part about this site that it caters to all tastes. You will get almost every famous cartoon on this site. In case, you do not find one you can also place the request for that cartoon. Apart from providing content according to genres and year of release, it also suggests the list of ongoing cartoons.

Although, being popular among cartoon lovers, the website is illegal to use. It shares unauthorized content on its page. Therefore, it has banned via the Government of India under the Digital Millenium Copyright act. But, the site still continuous to upload illegal and pirated content through various website addresses. Currently, it is sharing infringing content through domain KimCartoon xyz. 

Why you should avoid KimCartoon?

It is illegal to download from KimCartoon as it is a piracy website. According to the Indian Piracy Act, it is illegal to watch or sell non-copyrighted content. And for this website, all the download links shared have copyright issues. Therefore, I would suggest avoiding this website when comes to downloading any type of content. 

As piracy is a crime and it might cost you unwanted punishments. Moreover, this website uses third-party ads that might contain corrupt files. Which can be harmful to your device anyway. There is no doubt you will get your favorite Cartoon for free. But this is definitely not a secure option for your device even for yourself too. 

How to officially stream and download cartoon?

To say there are a certain number of legal ways that can be used to download cartoons securely.  Some of them are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. These might cost you a monthly or yearly subscription but these will definitely prove to be the best safe option. 

All the above-mentioned options share copyrighted content and have the license to all their uploaded links. You can access a large number of their collections of Cartoons and movies. They also provide a mobile app to stream and download movies wherever you want. They all share over thousands of the latest and trending cartoons legally. 

Also, Check the Plenti Login.

Two famous sites to watch cartoons from 

Netflix is the primer video streaming platform when it comes to downloading movies and shows cartoons legally. It offers movies and TV series and short films in several different languages. You can access Netflix originals namely Stranger Things, House of cards, Black Mirror, Lust stories, Scared Games, Narcos and many others. 

Moreover, you do not have to pay at once, you will get a one-month free trial. Thereafter, you can continue watching while choosing one of the three streaming plans: basic, standard and premium. Each plan will offer you different features and limits to watch films and shows. Additionally, many Telecom and internet companies like Airtel providing free 3-months Netflix subscription. Its basic plan of Rs. 500 lets you stream videos at 480p quality. 

Check Netflix

Hulu is another amazing subscription-based site that allows you to watch various movies. Otherwise, if you opt for free content then it is also available on the website. But you may get access to only limited content. You can stream more than 100 free movies and tv shows as well. More than this it also has apps for android and ios. Though it is not available in all countries. Even though it is one of the best legal options to stream and watch movies and Tv shows.

Check Hulu.

Some ongoing Cartoons

Zoo wars, Tutenstein: Clash of the pharaohs, Trouble, Transformers: Cyberverse S3, Superman: Red Son, Star Wars: The Clone Wars S7, Power Rangers Beast Morphers S2.


It is obvious that KimCartoon uploads full Hd direct cartoon links to download free of cost. But we should consider its piracy content and avoid downloading from this site. As piracy is a crime and it is already violating the Indian government. Therefore, considering the laws and restrictions against it we should not promote this site while using it.

This article is for educational purposes and in no way supports or encourages you Kimcartoon usage. For more such informative articles stay tuned with us. Thank you so much.


We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already. 

Say NO to Piracy.

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