Indusind Platinum Aura Credit Card Review

By | March 5, 2021

Indusind Platinum Aura is one of the lowest range of card provided by the bank or is available in the market. The rewards and offers provided by the card is low. Although, it have some benefits which we are elaborating below.


Type of FeeAmount
Joining FeeRs.899+Tax
platinum aura


Welcome Benefit

  • Dinner offers in top 2000 hotels across 9 cities in India.
  • Vouchers from Bata, Vero Moda, etc.

Travel Benefits

  • Priority Pass Program : IndusInd Bank accommodates your personal travel requirements, no matter how many trips you make in a year. They pamper you in style and with care to make every journey a special experience.
Annual MembershipCost of Priority PassAnnual Benefit
Priority Pass MembershipUSD99x2USD198 (RS.9900 approx.)
  • Travel Plus Program :  Travel Plus initiative allows its select users to enjoy special waivers on lounge occupancy charges outside the country.
ProgramTravel InsuranceLounge Usage Enrollment FeeAnnual Saving
Travel PlusYesMaximum of 8 lounge usage/yr of value USD27Rs.5000 per annum Approx. Rs.12960

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platinum aura


  • Pre trip Assistance
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Flight Booking
  • Sports & Entertainment Booking
  • Exclusive Bookings
  • Flowers & Gifts

Auto Assist

  • Roadside repair service
  • Emergency fuel supply
  • Flat tyre service
  • Lost keys

Platinum Aura Plans

Platinum Aura Shop Plan

Spend Categories Points on Rs.100 spent
Shopping in departmental stores4 points
Purchase of consumer durables or electronic items2 points
Restaurant bills1.5 points
Books1.5 points
All other spends on your card0.5 points

* 1 savings point = Re 0.50 or 0.5 airline mile

Platinum Aura Home Plan

Spend CategorySaving points on Rs.100 spent
Grocery shopping4 points
Cellphone bills2.5 points
Electricity bills2.5 points
Insurance premium1.5 points
Medical spends1.5 points
All other spends0.5 points

* 1 savings point = Re 0.50 or 0.5 airline mile

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Platinum Aura Travel Plan

Spend CategorySavings points on Rs.100 spent
Hotel expenses4 points
Airline tickets2.5 points
Car rental expenses1.5 points
Rail tickets1.5 points
All other spends0.5 points

* 1 savings point = Re 0.50 or 0.5 airline mile

Platinum Aura Party Plan

Spend CategorySavings points on Rs.100 spent
Restaurant bills4 points
Shopping in departmental stores2 points
Payments in bars and pubs2 points
Movie tickets1.5 points
All other spends0.5 points

* 1 savings point = Re 0.50 or 0.5 airline mile

Bottom Line

This is a sort of basic card comes with a stagnant reward rate. Although the way of presenting rewards are amazing but they almost have same kind of points. There is not anything major in this card.

It is a simple card with regular reward rate on retail spending. This is good for you if you want to keep a basic card for your small and everyday transaction. It also do not provide access to lounge domestically or internationally. You can visit the Credit Cards Review to know what kind of card you want.

Indusind provides personalized offers during festival time which allows you to gain some good rewards. So if you want card to use sometimes or during festival times, this is the best you can go for.

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I have applied for a credit card. How long does it take to get the card?

The processing of credit card Application will take approximately 10 to 15 working days from the date all relevant documents are submitted as per the Bank’s requirement.

How interest rate are calculated on my credit card?

Interest is calculated on a daily basis on the current outstanding balance of the Cardholder. It is levied if Total Amount Due is not paid off by due date. Interest is also levied on all fee, charges, interest and service tax. Interest rate of 3.83% per month will be applicable initially.

What to do in case if my card is lost?

In the event that you lose your credit card, please report the loss to IndusInd Bank Phone Banking immediately. Alternatively, you can instantly block and replace your credit card on Indus Net/Indus Mobile.

What if I cross my credit limit?

The cardholder must not exceed his credit limit under any circumstances. In case, the cardholder exceeds his credit limit, the card holder must immediately make a payment to IndusInd Bank in lieu of all amounts in excess of the credit limit. In case, the cardholder exceeds the credit limit, the Bank will levy an over limit charge as declared from time-to-time in the schedule of charges.

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