Are you a student of any University or College? Or do you have an email address with .edu? Any of either? If yes, then enjoy this cool initiative of Amazon Prime Student by Amazon.

Hulu Free Trial Virtual Credit Card

Get a 6-month trial offer of Amazon Prime and then pay just 50% of the membership i.e. $6.49 per month (only if you want). Get 90% discounts on many textbooks, get amazing offers on your orders, free delivery and chance to win some amazing gift cards.

Buy Amazon Prime Student Virtual Card

Purchase the Amazon Prime Student Virtual trial card. You can purchase as many cards as you want and enjoy the 6-month trial offer as many times as you want without disclosing the details of your personal credit card to Amazon.

You don’t have to pay more money to Amazon, you don’t have to purchase credit card or reveal your details, you can save yourself from online hacks and forgery, you can get offers on amazon pantry, 2 hours delivery of selected products, 30- minutes prior access to all the lightning deals.

Buy now and avail special discount on group orders. Our cards are 100% authentic and valid.

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