You all must be wondering how to get access to the Google Play developer account after Entropay ceased producing their Virtual Visa Cards.

Google Play Developer Payment Virtual Card
Google Play Developer Payment Virtual Card

But the time is up and you all should be smiling broadly as this Website – allows you pay the google play developer fees without using any of your ATM card or credit card. This Website grants you Unique Virtual Visa and Master Cards, Which can be used by any name and address as per your choice. And with the help of this card, you can easily purchase your google play developer account without any issue or trouble.

The surprise isn’t over yet because with this card you also get a balance of $25 absolutely free.
With our unique virtual cards comes ample of facilities and that too in a huge bundle.

Buy Card: Google Play Developer Payment Virtual Card

This Card supports every IP, Name, Address as well as country, which is undoubtedly a cherry on the cake. Both Visa and Master Cards are available on this website and it’s been issued by a random issuer from EU or USA. The card doesn’t violate any google policies, and it’s a 100% unique card, that’s the reason you can easily get a google play developer account. Furthermore, it’s a real-time transaction process and takes maximum of 24 hours time to fulfill the payment.

Our website also allows you to order n number of cards without any limit for purchasing different google play developers accounts. Obviously, Google doesn’t allow to have more than one account, but when you can have and easily avail different cards from this website you can make as many accounts as you want, as they won’t be able to track you. Be smart and purchase this google play developer payment card today itself to pay for your google play account!!

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