Visa/Mastercard v/s American Express/Diners Club Credit Cards

By | July 6, 2021

Many times we have heard people discussing which card is better, Visa/Mastercard or Amex. For all of you who are wondering why I haven’t mentioned Diners, the reason is very few people know about Diners in India yet. Here in this article, we will talk about Visa/Mastercard v/s American Express/Diners.

However, each of them is good at their place, so it is pretty challenging to say which one is best. Each of them has different specifications, and hence they are suited as per the needs. Apart from that, the selection of cards also depends on the operational industry.

Visa/Mastercard v/s American Express/Diners

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Difference Between Visa/Mastercard V/s American Express/Diners Cards

Visa & Mastercard are payment processing gateways that earn by charging fees for the payment. They do not owe any banks but collaborate with banks to offer accessible payment services to citizens. These are just middleman who steps in to make your work easy. They are not liable for any dispute or discrepancy.

American Express/Diners Club themselves issues American Express & Diners Club Credit Card. However, in India, Diners operate in collaboration with HDFC, but this is not the case in the entire world. Diners/Amex operates their network and handles all the issues and disputes by themselves. This is one of the reasons which we consider Amex as a good platform.

This is why Amex/Diners charge high transaction fees because they are the primary business holders. But in India, they are offering cards with bank collaboration to increase their market cap.


No doubt Visa/Mastercard has an extensive network thought out the world, which makes it broadly acceptable everywhere. Even the smallest of the place has Visa/Mastercard acceptance.

While on the other hand, Amex/Diners have less acceptance because they do not have an extensive network. These are primarily accepted in big cities or at famous tourist locations.


  1. Reward Points: Amex/Diners are so generous in providng offers and rewards because they charge high transaction fee. They know how to make loyal customers. Diners/Amex provides offers in the form of flight/hotels booking which makes full use of fee paid.
  2. Airport Lounge Access: American Express has its own lounges in many airports across the world which provides luxurious amenities. Also Diners has its private lounges across the world. Even Diners Black card offerd by Diners HDFC offers unlimited lounge access. Whereas Mastecard has the largest lounge network in India.
  3. Joining Fee/Welcome Bonus: Amex and Diners have high joining fee but the whole fee is paid off by giving more equivalent reward. While Mastercard/Visa usually do not come with high fee and welcome bonus. Only top most cards offered by this network offers welcome bonus.
  4. Buyer Protection: As per our experience Amex is the network which has the largest buyer protection. Whereas Visa/MC do not have that high level of buyer protection.

So now you have brief and straightforward reasoning for these different kinds of networks. Now your selection should depend upon your requirement. Many cards offer a good amount of rewards. But we must say that you should keep one Visa/Mastercard along with Amex/Diners card because these cards have acceptance issues.

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