RedGiraffe Review: Pay House Rent Using Credit Card

By | July 7, 2021

Who does not love discounts? Now you might have been thinking about how you get a discount on rent payment? The answer is simple; via credit card. Your credit card holds much power, which can give you a return on rent payment as well. RedGiraffe is a platform with which this is possible.

For many of you who might live in any other city or do not own a house, this is the best thing for you all. It will let you earn some reward points on paying rent.

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RedGiraffe’s RentPay

RedGiraffe rentpay

RedGiraffe is the first company to introduce rewards on rental payment. The registration process is straightforward. You can register by visiting their website for rent payment under the ‘RentPay’ tag.

You have to fill in the form, give the details of the landlord, & rent agreement. After this, you will get an SMS on the registered number with ID and password. That password can be changed later.

They will take some time to approve your request. Once you get approval, then you can connect your RedGiraffe Id with your bank. Almost all the big banks have partnerships with RG.

If you are confused with the process of registration, you can either contact their customer care executive, or they have mentioned the procedure on the RedGiraffe website as well.

RedGiraffe transaction charges

  • Rental payment less than Rs.10,000: Rs.45
  • Rental payment greater then Rs.10,000: 0.39% of all transcational cost

Credit card charges

Credit card charges

Now how will you get rewards from the credit card? You can go for any cards like Regalia, Diners Black, Infinia, SBI Elit, etc. All these cards have a reward rate of more than 2%, greater than 0.39% of transactional charges.

Diners Black/Infinia offers a 3.3% reward rate, whereas cards from other banks have a 2% reward rate. You can check the list of best credit cards to know about more cards.

This means you will get ~3% of the reward on giving 0.39% of fees, which is fantastic.


Strength Weakness
Easy to use Nil
Low transactional charges

Increase CIBIL score

This procedure also helps you increase your CIBIL score as rent is required to pay on time every time. And hence this will improve your payment history and transactions. Because of this, you will quickly get upgrades and limit enhancement.

Bottom Line

We must say that you should give this a try. Especially students or working professionals who are living away from their homes should give this a try. You will be going to earn good rewards and find it very useful.

Also, with the help of this, your landlord will get their payment on time, and you will get your reward on time. This makes both of you happy.

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