NoBroker Rent Payment Review

By | July 12, 2021

NoBroker is another app that offers you rent payment services. However, this app is a little bit different than others out there. In this article, we will cover all things related to NoBroker’s app.

What is NoBroker?

What is NoBroker

NoBroker is a real estate search platform that links the buyers & sellers or owners & rentals directly. It swaps out the interference of brokers in dealing.

The company also does not charge any brokerage from any parties even after the deal is complete.

They earn money by charging some amount on your transaction. You can make payment either via NoBroker App or by visiting their website.

Service Fee

NoBroker has a different fee for the various categories during the launch time, but now they have decided to go simple like other apps. A few periods back, they have introduced the new charge slab, which is as follows:

Payment Type Service Fee
Credit cards 1% to 2%
PayZapp wallet 1% to 2%

Payment Process

NoBroker payment process
  1. Open NoBroker App/Website
  2. Select Payrent option
  3. Enter the details
  4. Enter the bank details of landlord
  5. Select the payment method & complete payment
  6. You will reveive invoice on your mail

Our Suggestion

We had used the NoBroker app to make our rent payments when we were living away from home for studies. It has a sound payment system where you will receive your reward the next minute of your payment.

But sometimes, on making payments through the app, they do not show the payment status, which is quite a bad experience.

But nothing to worry about, because on a succession of payments, the invoice has been sent to your landlord.

NoBroker also required a rent agreement to complete your profile; if you do not provide a rent agreement to them, they will charge an extra 2% during your transaction.


Strength Weakness
Easy to register Some credit cards do not support it
No brokerage charges

Bottom Line

NoBroker is one of the best rent payment app. It charges low transaction fees when compared to others. Another best thing about this card is that it helps you to find the right place for you. This means you can find a place at one place and quickly pay the rent to the owner through the same platform.

Also, remember one thing the payments made by using NoBroker are categorized as utility payments. Hence you may not get any reward if you have a credit card that does not support utility payment.

In this case, the amount spends by you will count for annual milestones & fee waivers.

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