HDFC Infinia & Diners Club Update

By | March 13, 2021

HDFC started this year on a very high note. Many of you might know that HDFC has been so aggressive in giving limit enhancement during Covid19 lockdown. And they did that twice last year.

Now they are thinking of upgrading more customers to Infinia and Diners Black as ‘LIFETIME FREE’. Are you reading lifetime free! if so, then it will going to be a tremendous action taken up by HDFC.

HDFC Infinia & Diners Club Update

Why are they doing this?

HDFC is planning to make their policies a bit liberal in selecting customers for its super premium cards, specially Infinia.

As many were getting the limit enhancements recently, its obvious that they start to fall into higher limits as above. So these upgrades are naturally happening.

They are doing this generally for two of its card: Infinia & Diners Black.

Is it lifetime free?

Lifetime free is a very big word that’s why we got so many questions in our mind when we read this word. But as mentioned earlier HDFC everytime try to bring up with ofers which we can’t even think about.

And here is the sample of the same. Yes they are providing life time free credit card, you can confirm it by talking to their executive as well. We have already talked to some card holders and they confirmed the same. But one thing to note here is that, this offer is only for existing card holders. New card holders are not eligible for this offer.

HDFC Infinia & Diners Club Update

Should you accept the offer?

Many of you have a question that what should we do if we get this offer? The answer is quite simple ‘Accept It’. There are very few circumstances come where we come across such mind blowing offers, and there is no good in refusing it.

You should check HDFC 10X Rewards, where you will get the idea of the speciality these cards holds. Along with that you can check reviews of these cards to get better idea about the same.

We will suggest you to do whole of your research before choosing anything or accepting any offer, but trust me, you don’t regret even if you take up offer without looking for much details.

RBI has put a hold on issuance of new credit cards due to pandemic hit and economical imbalance. But I believe as soon as these restrictions are taken up, banks will soon start issuing credit cards with different offers. And this offer of issuing super premium cards as ‘lifetime free’ is just ASTOUNDING.

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