HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card Review

By | March 8, 2021

After the massive success of the HDFC Multicurrency Forexplus chip card, HDFC has decided to launch this with its Regalia version named HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Credit card. Its Regalia Credit Card is also a huge success and has increased customers’ faith in the bank.

HDFC has launched this card intending to create a card with the concept of – No cross currency conversion charges. Although its old Multicurrency Forexplus card is designed on the same idea, let us see what is new.

HDFC regalia forexplus card

Regalia ForexPlus Fees & Charges

Card issueRs.1000
ReloadRs.75/ reload
Reissue Rs.100/ card
Transaction Charges
ATM cash withdrawal$4.00
Balance Enquiry$0.50
Charge slip Retrieval$3.00
  • Daily limit for ATM cash withdrawal is USD 5000

ForexPlus Cross Currency Charges

Regalia ForexPlus Card does not charge any cross currency conversion charges if the currency in which transaction is taking place is not available on the card.

Currency conversion tax:

Buy and sell forex currencyService tax amount
Up to Rs.1 lakh0.18% of the gross value or Rs.45—whichever is higher
Rs.1 lakh – Rs.10 lakhsRs.180 + 0.09% of the amount exceeding Rs.1 lakh
> Rs.10 lakhsRs.990 + 0.018% of the amount exceeding Rs.10 lakhs

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Regalia ForexPlus Eligibility

You are not required to be an HDFC Bank account holder for having this card. Anyone can apply for a ForexPlus Cars.

Documents required are:

  • Self-attested copy of valid passport
  • Self-attested copy of valid VISA or ticket
  • Address proof, in case of address being different from that mentioned in Govt. ID
  • Additional documents needed for non-HDFC Bank customers:
    • Canceled cheque/passbook/recent statement
    • An application copy showing applied for the card

How to apply for forexplus card?

You can apply for the card in the following manner:

  1. You have to visit the HDFC website or nearby HDFC branch to apply for the card.
  2. Fill up all the information to apply for the card
  3. Submit all the necessary documents required for the credit card

Loading and Reloading Regalia ForexPlus Card

You can load your card in these three simple steps:

  1. HDFC Bank Net Banking
  2. Phone Banking
  3. HDFC Bank Branches

Reloading of cards through Net banking is allowed only for HDFC customers. You can not fund a card through a debit card or NRO account.

HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card Ecommerce

E-commerce Transaction

Regalia ForexPlus Card can be used for transactions online on all major e-commerce platforms. To make your payment safe & secure, the bank will authenticate the transaction either with OTP or Prepaid Card Netbanking password.

For making payments to e-commerce of different countries, a wallet is required to update again for making international transactions.

Lounge Access

Complimentary lounge access at International Airports in India: 2/quarter

These lounges are provided to you under Mastercard airport lounges in terminals that have an international departure facility.

Global Assistance

HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card Concierge

In case of card loss/theft, you will get Emergency Cash delivery service across the globe.

Call on the international toll free number, in need.

Our Suggestion

Clearly, this card is made for people who are staying temporarily in another country. It does not mean that you can not get this card if you live in India. You can have this card in India as well and can use it for making transactions.

The best thing about this card is that it charges low cross-currency fees. That is why it is suggested to take a forex card if you’re moving abroad for an extended period, like 1-3 years.

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Insurance Cover

  • Protection against counterfeiting/skimming: Rs.500,000
  • Protection against road/rail accident: Rs.500,000
  • Air accident insurance: Rs.25,00,000
  • Loss of cash in transit: Rs.60,000


No cross-currency charges No rewards
Can be used in any country

Bottom Line

It is a good card, but there is not much difference between the multicurrency and Regalia forex cards. They launched this card with the phrase that there are no conversion charges, but they are charging in the form of taxes.

You can go for this card if you travel a lot, but still, it is recommended to keep credit cards when you travel abroad. Credit cards are much safer and easier to use, plus they give a good amount of returns in the form of rewards.

According to us, the bank must put more options to earn a reward, as the offers available now will make us lose more towards taxes. So, it is always advisable to check the recommendations and dividends before applying for the card.


How do I change my password?

After logging in to your account, you can change your password using the “Change password” option. Now you are required to type your current password and then new password.

When will I receive my changed ATM PIN?

New ATM pin will be delivered to you within 10 days of requesting for the one.

How can I reload my HDFC Bank regalia forexplus card?

To load money into a forex card:

  1. Login to your Net Banking account.
  2. Select prepaid cards.
  3. Select the type of forex card you hold.
  4. Enter the amount and currency of your choice.
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