Best Credit Cards in India for International Travels/Spends ( Forex Cards)

By | July 15, 2021

Many of you travel foreign for vacation or either spend a lot on foreign websites for shopping and more. However, many of you might not know that you have to pay forex fees on making international transactions. This forex fess ends up taking much of your money. Hence, you now require the right forex card, which can save as much as it can.

Most card charges are 3.5% + GST as Forex Currency Markup Fee, which is so high. If you have made a transaction of Rs.1L for any foreign currency, you have to pay Rs.4000 (round-off) as a mark-up fee. Mark-up fee is one of the significant sources of earnings for banks.

Best Credit Cards for International Transactions

Best credit card for international spend

Few credit cards charge a low markup fee and give some reward to compensate for the markup fee. Now have a look at the forex cards with low foreign currency markup.

1. Indusind Signature Legend Credit Card (Best forex card)

. Indusind Signature Legend Credit forex Card
  • Annual fee: Rs.10,000+tax
  • Reward rate: 2%
  • Net gains: 0%
  • Forex markup fee: 1.8%+tax
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We recommend this card only if you keep this as your secondary card because there is no worth keeping this as the primary card.

The offers and services provided by this card, being a premium card, are not impressive. It did not even offer international lounge access after charging Rs.10,000 as a membership fee.

2. RBL Bank Icon Credit Card

RBL Bank Icon
  • Annual fee: Rs.5000+ tax
  • Reward rate: 5%
  • Net gains: 1%
  • Forex markup fee: 3.5% + tax
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Although it charges a high joining fee as a beginner card, it is worth giving if you spend a good amount of money using it. On spending strategically, you will make a good reward out of it.

3. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

 HDFC Bank Regalia Credit forex Card
  • Annual fee: Rs.2500+tax
  • Reward rate: 1.3%
  • Net gains: -1%
  • Forex markup fee: 2% + tax
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Business Regalia is the premium credit card offered by HDFC to its customers. This card gives me many benefits in lounge access, dining program benefit, 5X/10X reward & more.

4. Yesbank YES First Preferred Forex Card

Yesbank YES First Preferred
  • Annual fee: Rs.2499+tax
  • Reward rate: 2%
  • Net gains: 0%
  • Forex markup fee: 1.75% + tax
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Yes Preferred is a sound card, and we can suggest you have this as this card comes with nominal charges, but the rewards it offers back are excellent. Yes bank also provides lounge access, insurance coverage & concierge with Yes Preferred credit card.

5. Yesbank YESFirst Exclusive Credit Card

 Yesbank YESFirst Exclusive
  • Annual fee: Rs.9,999+ tax
  • Reward rate: 2.50%
  • Net gains: 0.50%
  • Forex markup fee: 1.75% + tax
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This is the premium card launched by Yes Bank, and we must say that the comeback credit card of Yes Bank is fantastic. This card offers dynamic rewards and benefits. We have used the card for a year and like to use it further as well. However, the joining fee is high; it is worth paying.

6. Citibank Presitge Credit Card

Citibank Presitge Credit Card
  • Annual fee: Rs.20,000+ tax
  • Reward rate: 4% – 10%
  • Net gains: 0% – 6%
  • Forex markup fee: 3.5% + tax
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The rewards offered are amazing, but it is impressive only for those who can play smart with them. Redeeming them against Airmiles and hotels is the best way to get the maximum benefit out of it.

7. HDFC Infinia Forex Card

 HDFC Infinia Credit Card
  • Annual fee: Rs.10,000+tax
  • Reward rate: 3.3%
  • Net gains: 1%
  • Forex markup fee: 2% + tax
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HDFC Infinia is a fantastic card providing unlimited access to international lounge access. This card is best for you if you have more frequent foreign visits. Along with this, it offers 10X rewards, which will give you maximum rewards on each of your purchases made through intelligent buy.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best industry cards which you can use for international transaction purposes. But above all these, there is a debit card offered by Indusind Bank named Indusind Signature Exclusive Debit card. This card comes with a 0% markup fee.

If any one of you cannot get a credit card, you can go for a debit card. Even we suggest that you should keep both credits as well as debit cards during your international travel. But if you want a card just for online spend then pick anyone from the above list.

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