DreamFolks DragonPass Card Review

By | April 5, 2021

DreamFolks is a “Global Airport Service Provider.” It is India’s one of the largest airport service providers. They have launched this program after the success of the Priority Pass.

It provides the same facilities as provided to the Priority Pass holders. It provides hassle-free lounge services to almost all variants of cardholders in the country.

The services provided are Meet & Greet, Airport Assistance, Airport Dining, and more. DreamFolk’s vision is to provide a truly mesmerizing experience to its customers by combining technology and elegance in its services. It is nice that someone is trying to bring some new services to the industry.

DreamFolks DragonPass Card Review

Ideally, any bank/card network that needs to provide lounge service for their customers needs to go through Dreamfolks, and that’s what Dragon Pass did but with a separate card for India. So now let us see what we got in this card.

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DreamFolks DragonPass Card Program

DreamFolks create this card in collaboration with ICICI Bank to provide the finest lounge services in India. The plans are the same as Priority Pass.

ICICI now replaced their Priority Pass benefit with Dragonpass to their Sapphiro range of cards.

Card Issuance

If you apply for any of the premium or super-premium cards from ICICI, you will get Dragonpass issued along with it. However, it is difficult for existing customers to get Dragonpass. On contacting support, they mentioned that this is given to new customers only.

You will get this with a Jet Sapphiro card only. We hope that we may get Dragonpass cards with other banks as well in the coming years.

Get Directly

You can get a card directly from Dreamfolks website as well. But this will only be beneficial to you if you go for the top plan, which costs nearly Rs.26,000. That is the only plan which has unlimited spa access opportunity.

This is going to be beneficial for you if you frequently visit airport lounges. However, it is not beneficial for you if you are a busy person.

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How do I apply for a Dreamfolks DragonPass Card?

The Dreamfolks Card is offered on a complimentary basis on the following ICICI Bank Credit Cards:

  • ICICI Bank Corporate Platinum Card
  • ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card
  • InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards
  • MakeMyTrip Signature Credit Card by ICICI Bank
  • ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

The Dreamfolks Card will be dispatched within 30 days of the card set up to the eligible customers.

DreamFolks DragonPass Card Acceptability

DreamFolks DragonPass Card Fee

The card has been accepted by most of the airport lounges throughout the world. Dragon pass has been accepted at all the places where Priority Pass is accepted. Few lounges accept either Priority Pass or Dragon Pass

Bottom Line

As the Indian credit card sector is growing at a great pace and the launch of Dragon Pass simultaneously will give much more benefit. The spa program at the airport is something new that is still yet not provided by Priority Pass.

It is nice that some one is trying to bring some new services in the industry.


How can I access Spa lounges with the Dreamfolks Card?

You have to swipe your Dreamfolks Card at the Spa lounges and avail the benefit. Bank will charge any access done over and above this limit at Rs. 750 +GST to the cardholder’s account in the same way as the lounge charges.

You can avail any of the below mentioned service:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Head or Shoulder Massage
  • Upper Back Massage

What are the charges of visiting a lounge?

Being a primary card holder you need not to pay any fee.

What will happen to my existing Priority Pass?

Your Priority Pass will continue to be valid till its expiry date or October 2018, whichever is earlier.

On renewal/replacement of Priority Pass, you will receive your new DragonPass Card.

What is the charges of lounge visit?

Being a primary cardholder, you do not have to pay any charge for lounge access.

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