Diners Club Credit Card & its Acceptance in India

By | July 5, 2021

Diners Club International is the first institution that came with the concept of credit cards and charge cards, which many banks later follow. However, being the initiator, it is lagging behind many of its competitors.

But its operation in India, along with HDFC, is gaining a lot of customer base and creating an edge for the Diners Club to attract HNI customers.

Although it has acceptance issues, it is standing as the top card of the country because of its dynamic reward system and unmatched benefits.

Diners’ partnership with HDFC (the leading credit card provider of the country) has launched four credit cards to serve customers from every income group.

Diners club credit card
HDFC Diners Black

Diners Club Credit Card in India

  1. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card: 3.3% reward rate
  2. HDFC Diners Club Miles Credit Card: 1.3% reward rate
  3. Diners Club Privilege Credit Card: 1.3% reward rate
  4. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card: 2% reward rate

HDFC is one of the best reward provider banks in the country, and along with Diners, the reward game has gone way too up. Its 10X rewards and 33% reward rate on Diners Black Variant are not offered by any other bank yet.

33% reward rate means you will get 33% cheap deals on making bookings through Diners Black.


Diners club benefits
  • 10X Rewards
  • Unlimited international lounge access on Diners Black/ JetPrivilege variant
  • Unlimited domestic lounge access on Diners Black only. Other cards offer limited number of lounge access.

Diners Club Domestic Acceptance

Although HDFC has an excellent customer base, Diners still has less acceptance because of its lower popularity. Diners are still required to expand their network in India to increase their acceptance rate. The acceptance of Diners in India is:

  • Offline acceptance: 70%
  • Online acceptance: 85%

Diners card acceptance has increased gradually in the last 5 years. The reason for this is the digital India campaign because of which many gateways are competing to provide accessible services to their customers.

Many e-commerce, educational and other websites started accepting Diners for transactions. Websites like; Amazon, Myntra, Paytm, Flipkart started accepting Diners.

Diners Club International Acceptance

International acceptance

It is still not accepted in few countries, which means it is tricky to use Diners Club cards in any foreign country. However, Diners has collaborated with many local banks to make its services reachable everywhere.

Many top countries accept Diners, but there are few where it has very little or no acceptance.

  • Online acceptance: ~70%
  • Offline acceptance: 50%

But you can use a Diners Club credit card on Paypal for making international transactions. However, the conversion rate of Diners is weak, which may increase expense by 1-15%.

Should I Get Diners Club Credit Card?

You can go for a Diners card, but only if you have any other card like Mastercard/Visa as a backup card. We are saying this by our own experience because Diners have acceptance problems, as we mentioned earlier. If you are stuck in any situation where Diners is not accepted, another card is majorly required.

Hence, you can get Diners for lounge access, hotel/flight booking, and any other Visa/Mastercard for another transactional purpose.

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