Credit Limits of Top HDFC Bank Credit Card

By | May 25, 2021

HDFC has vast credit card in its portfolio. Now this article is about what is the credit limit of the cards held by HDFC.

HDFC Credit limit

Beginner & Premium HDFC Card Limits

Super Premium & Business Credit Cards

Other Credit Cards

These are the limits offered by the bank at the time of issuing the card; you can, however, increase your limits by spending strategically.

How to increase your HDFC credit card limit?

The initial limit of your card depends on your income and credit score. But once you start using your card and make every payment on time, you will be upgraded with the upper limit soon.

Usually, HDFC shows an upgrade offer every 5-6 months if you have good transactions using the card. Sometimes you will also get credit enhancement along with the upgrade, providing your payment pattern should be good.

There are many other ways via which you can enhance your credit limit. Please read our article on how to increase the limit to know more.

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