Citibank Cashback Credit Card Review

By | March 10, 2021

Citibank cashback credit card holds much value then Citibank Reward Credit Card (add link). This is because cashback earned is easy to use and can be redeem in any form, except credit statement.

The cashback provided is 0.5% on any kind of payment. Although, if you hold any kind of credit card like HDFC Regalia or Amex Smart Earn Credit Card then there is less chances of using this card. Because reward on these cards are much exciting then of Citibank Cashback card.

cashback credit card


  • 5% cashback on telephone & utility payment
  • 5% cashback on movie ticket purchases
  • 0.5% cashback on all other purchases
  • Benefits up to Rs.3000 in first year

Reward rate provided is good but as I mentioned earlier any one who already have premium credit card is less likely to use it. Thinking why? This is because most premium cards give movie tickets and sort of voucher as a reward for free.

Then why one would make payment for the same, when he/she is getting a lot in form of vouchers. But here you can make use of this card for bills & utility payment.

citibank cashback credit card

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Additional Privileges

  • Up to Rs.3000 cashback on rent payment
  • Decent cashback on lifestyle & wellness spent
  • Up to 20% savings on paying at partner restaurants
  • Travel & Lifestyle Services

Apply Now


For Salaried Individual :

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Latest two salary slips

For Self employed Individual

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • ITR along with financial balance sheets and audits

This a beginner level card, and this is going to be beneficial for you if you have only this as credit card. The one speciality of cashback card is that you can redeem cashback in any format, anytime, except statement credit. Hence, I found Citibank cashback credit card more better as compared to Citibank reward card.


How to initiate funds transfer with Citi

With the help of Citi Bank internet banking services you can initiate funds transfer online to a person with any bank account in the country, with the click of a button. It’s free, quick and hassle-free. Either by logging in to Citibank Online or by using Citibank Mobile App to initiate transfer. You can make transfer by any of following means.

  1. UPI
  2. IMPS

How to block Citibank credit card & apply for new?

  • 1: Log in to Citibank Online
  • 2: In menu click on the Card tab
  • 3: Click ‘Report Lost/Stolen card’ and follow the steps outlined on the screen.
  • 4: Click on the card which you want to block and state the reason for it & also apply for the new card.
  • 5: Now you’ll get your Citibank card shortly

What kinds of credit cards are offered by Citi Bank?

Citibank offers Domestic as well as International cards.

‘International’ credit cards can be used in India and in all other countries of the world. However you can not make any transaction with that card in Nepal & Bhutan,

‘Domestic only’ card is used with the merchants registered in India only. If you want card for domestic use only then choose ‘Citibank Rewards Domestic Card’.

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