6 Best Travel Credit Cards In India

By | May 19, 2021

Everyone likes to travel, Is there anyone who does not want to see this beautiful world with their eyes? So here we are to tell you some best travel credit cards which will make your travel more enjoyable.

When we look out for traveling we always look upon vouchers and cashback to save money.

But what if we tell you that few cards make your travel low-cost or maybe free! Free travel is the word that is enough to bring a big smile to our faces.

So here take a look at our top selected travel cards which will give you maximum benefit in terms of booking and spending.

These cards suit you most during domestic traveling; if you want cards for international travel, you can watch for other cards.

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Best Travel Cards In India

Best Travel Credit Card In India

1. Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card

Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card

It is one of India’s best travel credit cards, which gives almost 8% of the reward. This card suits them best who frequently fly using Indigo. Amex is so active in offering new rewards & offers to its customers.

Its amazing travel offer with MakeMyTrip make this card best travel card in India.

2. HDFC Diners Black Credit Card

HDFC Diners Black Credit Card

This card comes with 10X reward points, allowing you to save 33% on spending with partner brands. HDCF Diners Club Black Credit Card holds one of the strongest positions among all credit cards in the country.

This means you will get flight/hotel bookings at a 33% discount. To know where it gives 10X rewards, check our full review of the card.

3. Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

This card also offers good rewards, but to get them first, you are required to spend Rs.2,50,000. After spending this, you will get a Yatra voucher worth Rs.7,000. That is a must-card if you love traveling because Rs.7,000 voucher is not a small thing.

Along with this you will get many additional benefit. Read full article to know more.

4. SBI Air India Signature Card

SBI Air India Signature Card

It is the topmost card offered by a collaboration of SBI & Air India. However, it does give good rewards on high spending only. You will get a reward of Rs.1 per mile & gives you a reward rate of about 10%, which is nice.

5. Citi Premier Miles Credit Card

Citi Premier Miles

This card typically gives a 1.8% reward rate. This card is equivalent to HDFC Regalia, but it does not come with a Priority Pass. However, it has high joining fees, which comes with an excellent welcome bonus.

It gives better rewards with hotel/airlines points transfer

6. SBI IRCTC Credit Card

SBI IRCTC Credit Card

This card gives excellent service in the form of railway rewards. Rail has the biggest network in the whole country. And most of the people in India belong to the Middle class who prefer trains over airplanes.

IRCTC SBI card gives you up to 10% savings on railways ticket while on the other hand it also gives some lucrative offers for flight bookings as well.

The Verdict

As we have mentioned some cards that will add extra benefit to your travel scenes, it isn’t easy to choose which one is best. So, according to us, first, you should try to learn everything about the card and then move further with the one that suits your requirements.

Also, the one best way to select a card is by looking at its charges or on your spending criteria. You have to make your points and then analyze cards based on them to choose the best.

You can also check the list of best credit cards in India to know about more such cards.

Which are the best domestic travel cards we have?

Few best domestic travel cards are:

  1. Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card
  2. HDFC Diners Black Credit Card
  3. Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card
  4. SBI Air India Signature Card
  5. Citi Premier Miles Credit Card
  6. SBI IRCTC Credit Card
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