Best Credit Cards in India for Lounge Access

By | July 2, 2021

Those who are frequent flyer is very well aware of the issues they have to go through during their whole flying journey. We have brought you a list of Best Cards for Lounge Access to make your air travel easy. Flying via economy class is not an easy task where you have to spend so much time in lines between lots of noise and uncomfort. Also, you have to pay high rates for food, drinks, and any other necessity.

To overcome this problem and provide ease of traveling to their customers, many banks have decided to offer complimentary or paid lounge access to their credit cardholders. Here you can get unlimited food, drinks, WiFi, and a noise-free waiting area with comfortable seats.

Now you have a question that which are the cards that will give you such service? So here we have made a list of credit cards that offers you lounge access benefit.

Domestic Lounge Access

1. AmEx Platinum Travel Card

AmEx Platinum Travel Card
  • Variant: American Express
  • Limits: 4 visits/year
  • Joining fee: Rs.3500+tax
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This card is interestingly unique. The reward rate is super excellent of all. Many of the superior cards even don’t give this much reward rate (~8%). We suggest you keep this card only if you travel a lot; otherwise, it does not give any good rewards on other spends.

2. Axis Flipkart Credit Card

Axis Flipkart Credit Card (Best Cards for Lounge Access )

The card provides cashback on almost each of the transactions. It included; shopping, traveling, entertainment or lifestyle. There is no such area where you can’t earn through this card. Very few cards in this range offer lounge access, and Axis Bank here amazed the customer by providing this service.

3. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
  • Variants: Visa/Mastercard/American Express
  • Limits: 4/year
  • Joining fee: Rs.500+tax
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ICICI Coral comes with different variants, and each variant has a different limit. Hence contact the bank before applying for the card. The beautiful thing about this card is that it offers a fuel waiver even after being a primary card.

4. Indusind Iconia Amex Credit Card

Indusind Iconia Amex Credit Card (Best Cards for Lounge Access )
  • Variant: American Express
  • Limits: 2/quarter
  • Joining fee: Rs.3000+GST
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This is one of the fantastic cards available in the country, which comes with an average joining fee and high rewards and benefits. The welcome bonus in the form of vouchers is another fantastic thing.

Domestic & International Lounge Access

1. HDFC Regalia

  HDFC Regalia
  • Variant: Mastercard/Visa
  • Domestic Limits: 12/yr
  • International Limits: 6/yr
  • Joining fee: Rs.2500+GST
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Business Regalia is the premium credit card offered by HDFC to its customers. Having this card gives me many benefits in the form of lounge access, dining program benefit, 5X/10X reward & more.

2. SBI Prime

sbi prime (Best Cards for Lounge Access )
  • Variant: Visa/Mastercard
  • Domestic Limit: 2/quarter
  • International Limit: 4/yr
  • Joining fee: Rs.3000+GST
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This card is good for those who are not able to hold super-premium cards. It has a good amount of rewards, which makes it okay to keep.

3. SBI Elite

sbi elite
  • Variant: Mastercard/Visa
  • Domestic Limit: 2/qtr
  • International Limit: 4/yr
  • Joining fee: Rs.4,999+tax
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SBI Elite is a replacement for the SBI Signature Visa card. The card offers free priority pass membership and also the membership from Vistara & Trident.

4. Yes First Preferred

Yes First Preferred (Best Cards for Lounge Access )
  • Variant: Mastercard
  • Domestic Limit: 3/qtr
  • International Limit: 4/qtr
  • Joining fee: Rs.2499+tax
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Unlimited Lounge Access

1. HDFC Diners Black

HDFC Diners Black

2. HDFC Infinia

 HDFC Infinia (Best Cards for Lounge Access)

3. Yes First Exclusive

Yes First Exclusive

4. ICICI Emerald

ICICI Emerald  (Best Cards for Lounge Access )

5. CITI Prestige

 CITI Prestige

Which one should I get?

The card to be chosen by you should depend upon your income and transactional history. Also, the selection of cards depends upon your travel frequency. If you travel often, then you should choose a card which offers more lounge access and so.

Hence before choosing any card, you must see every aspect from your income to spending capability and traveling habits. Then you should choose a card.

If you have any queries regarding anything, feel free to ask in comments below.

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