American Express (Amex) SmartEarn Credit Card Review

By | February 25, 2021

American Express(Amex) is in the market from large time with its Everyday Spend Gold Credit Card, but that card never satisfied the market. Now after a little bit of alteration, they have launched a new card. The card name Amex Smart earn Credit Card. Here is the detail of same:


Amex Joining Fee

Fees Amount
Joining FeeRs.495+GST
Renewal Fee WaiveOn spends of Rs.40K in the previous year
Welcome Bonus Rs.500 on spending Rs.10k within 90 days

This is an entry level card, designed for beginners. Fee waiver adjustment is quite fair.

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Amex Reward Rate

Regular Rewards

  • 1 MR Point for every Rs.50 spend
  • Reward Rate: 0.5% – 1%

Accelerated Reward

  • 10X Rewards (Reward Rate: 5% to 10%)
  • 5X Rewards (Reward Rate: 2.5% to 5%)
  • Max Cap for 10X (500 Points / merchant / month)
  • Max Cap for 5X (250 Points / month)

You can earn up to 1250 reward point on spending INR7500 per month. Want to know how? then look at the points mentioned below:

  • On Spending INR 2500 in a month on our 10X Partner (Flipkart), you will earn 500 Membership Reward
  • With spending INR2500 in a month on our 10X Partner (Uber), you will earn 500 Membership Rewards points
  • On Spending INR 2500 in a month on our 5X Partner, you will earn 250 Membership Rewards points

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Services available on your card:

  • 24X7 Card Related Assistance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Zero Lost Card Liability
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • One Supplementary American Express SmartEarn Credit Card at no additional cost


You can go for this card if you’re looking for an entry level card. Or if you are a beginner this card will provide you fine rewards. If you are an Amex lover and want to keep an Amex card then this is what you can go for.

Although, rewards provided by HDFC Regalia First Credit Card is somewhat more impressive. American Express is expected to add some more rewards or offers, to make card more competitive.

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Do MR points expire?

All Cardmembers enrolled in Frequent Traveler Option enjoy Membership Rewards points with no expiry. For all Cardmembers enrolled in Non Frequent Traveler option, points expire 2 years after 12-month “Enrollment Period” in which they are earned. For all Cardmembers enrolled in General Frequent Traveler option, points expire 3 years after 12-month “Enrollment Period” in which they are earned.

How do I check my Membership RewardsTM point balance online?

You can check your Membership Rewards points on the Amex App under the ‘Rewards’ tab or by logging in to online Account.

Do I require documentation to set up a dispute?

Yes. Certain disputes like-cancellation, paid by other means, refund promised by the merchant, merchandise returned etc, require documented proof therefore, and kindly retain documented proof validating the same

Can I use my card abroad ?

Yes, you can. You will be charged 3.5% of the transaction amount as a mark-up fee for foreign currency transactions.

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