Age cannot define our taste when it comes to the entertainment industry. There are lots of people besides children who love to watch anime videos and movies. So to enjoy your favorite anime movies and shows there a number of websites that offer the latest and old anime movies. Like 9anime is one of the most visited websites for anime content. So let’s move on to the description where I would tell you more interesting facts about this site. 


About 9anime   

Anime has considered a Japanese style of cartoons. It is a style of animation developed in Japan characterized by colorful graphics, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. Here on 9anime offers all the latest anime videos of series, shows, and movies for free. You can find English movies and shows in Subbed and Dubbed version. 

All videos are available online in HD quality and you do not have to subscribe to enjoy its content. It is completely free to use. Through its easy and simple layout you can explore movies and shows, videos easily. Videos are available in various viewing formats like 720p, 360p, and full HD quality, etc. There are many genres available such as adventure, action, fantasy, historical, horror, comedy and else. On its website, there are various filters to select your favorite pick easily. Like the newest anime, last updated, ongoing or trending videos, most watched and requested videos. 

As 9anime is a piracy website, the Indian government has strictly banned its usage in India. But still, 9anime able to keep itself available through different domain names. It manages to operate itself via domains like  9animes .net, 9anime. Fun, 9anime. Xyz,, 9anime. ru, 9anime. nl, 9anime. live. 

Why you should avoid 9anime?

Because every movie link on this website is uploaded illegally. It is a non-licensed website that provides download links without the concern of the original owner. And therefore undergoes to copyright issues. Moreover, it provides free access to download your favorite movies. It uses third-party ads that contain spam files and malware. And these corrupted files can damage or harm your device for further use. 

Another important thing to consider that it is already violating our government. Therefore, it is better to avoid this type of website considering the laws and restrictions. Rather use legal platforms to stream and download movies. So that no one suffers neither you out of unwanted punishment nor your device from corrupted files. 

What are the legal ways to download movies?

It is not true that every legal platform provides paid content on their website. Though, free content on the following types of platforms is limited such as Youtube, Hulu, Open Culture, etc. Still, they provide satisfying movie collection for free as well as paid.

They are also free from non-copyright allegations and offer clear and secure exploring. 

Also, Check PNC Pathfinder Login.

Three legal websites to stream Anime movies and shows

Hulu is another amazing subscription-based site that allows you to watch various movies. Otherwise, if you opt for free content then it is also available on the website. But you may get access to only limited content. You can stream more than 100 free movies and tv shows as well. More than this it also has apps for android and ios. Though it is not available in all countries. Even though it is one of the best legal options to stream and watch movies and Tv shows.

Check Hulu.

Open Culture is one such website that offers multi-sections to choose from. Other than movies and shows, it has various online courses, language lessons, textbooks, audiobooks, and e-books. Currently, it offers nearly 1500 movies for free. 

Check Open Culture.

Youtube is the best option to stream and downloads any category of movies and Tv shows for free. You can watch Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies or of any other language movies here. However, now Youtube has also presented its paid section where you would require a subscription. You can watch there its original shows and series. Though its free version is itself enough to enjoy many movies and famous English & Hindi shows like Friends, Young Sheldon, Kota Factory, and others. 

Visit Youtube

Some English SUB shows to watch 

Aikatsu on Parade! episode 21 English SUB, Oda Shinamon Nobunaga Episode 8 English SUB, Darwin’s Game Episode 8 English SUB, Haikyuu!!: To the Top Episode 6 Eng SUB.  

Summing up

No one can deny 9anime’ unlimited movie download service for free. Its amazing content collection in almost every genre and category. Even though we should not forget that it provides content illegally. And using pirated content is a criminal offense. Therefore we should not take initiative while using its services. 

This article contributes to educational content and does not support piracy content anyway. Rather appreciates artists’ work and suggests you using legal options. Thank you so much for your quality time.  


We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already. 

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